High-Alps MTB Tour 2002


A Mountain-Bike Week in the Swiss, French and Italian Alps


Day 2, Sunday, July 21, 2002: Aosta – Val Savarenche


The morning dawns overcast. As we start riding, light rain develops. Not good! Originally we had planned today to cross over the next pass near the Gran Paradiso further to the SouthWest towards France. With the weather being rather cloudy and rainy we are changing our plans.

First we stop after a short ride just outside of Aosta for brunch – might as well eat while we are waiting for the rain to subside. We are thinking about what to do while the rain dampens our spirits a little bit.

Then we decide to continue riding to the end of the valley ‘Val Savarenche’ just SouthWest of Aosta in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Even if we don’t cross the pass today, we want to ride up to the end of the road today so we have less altitude to climb tomorrow.

The ride up is somewhat boring, especially compared to the highlight yesterday. Just following a regular road, hoping the rain would wait just a little longer and not soak us completely.

We engage in a little friendly competition and ride up hard, which keeps us warm even though the rain continues. Finally we reach the end of the road at Alb. Gran Paradiso (1960m). There are a few houses, a camping ground, a hotel and a restaurant or two. We check into the hotel, take a shower to clean up and warm up, and wait in the hope of the weather to improve. This is really the only time during the entire trip here we are slowed down by weather conditions.

After dinner we stroll around outside to watch the moon come out between the clouds. Finally the weather is improving again, just like the forecast had stated. We take a few pictures in the moonlight before we go to bed early and hope for the best to come tomorrow.



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